JpegI still remember, when i was  a child to be together we only need a ball. There are no questions about tribes, races or religions.

For me who was born since 24 years ago, been together with different people around me is not weird. My father had chinese friends with Christ and Buddhist faith.

Ucok dan Laris were my closest friends at elementary school. Every morning we went to school together. We were too solid, and they were Christians.

They were my neighbours when i lived at a national residence in Pematang Reba district, Indragiri Hulu regency, Riau province.

When i celebrated Idul Fitri they don’t need to come to mosque.and when they celebrated christmas i don’t need to come to church also. For us, respect is not mean similar one with other.

Memorable moment about tolerance i felt when i sat at Communication Department, Faculty of Da’awah and Communication Science (FDK), State University of Sultan Syarif Kasim (UIN Suska) Riau.

I have a senior who had been the only one non moslem student there. Named Tison and a christian.

Being different in Islamic University not a big problem for him. He and his moslem friends can be together as well.

There were no conflicts or violences. Even, when we were at the same subject and class. No insultment about different religion in the class room.

Even when lecturer asked to him about Islam. He answered it as what he knew. And no another question to cornering him as minority.

As you know, even when you are communication student, you need to take subjects with Islamic based, such as Aqidah, also.

For majority students, there are no problem about that subjects. But would be different for him.

But, in reality he finished his education in 2013, with his perception about Islam.

The story above showed us, as long as we can understand one with others, even in differences of tribes, races and religions, we can live in harmony.


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